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Dear Visitor, welcome to my website!
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Welcome to my website!

Orosz GáborIt is a pleasure to have you as a visitor here ? if you are interested in Tokaji wines or Mád, the small pearl of Hegyalja and also my family traditions of a century, please do not hesitate to check my website.

Following the traditions of my ancestors with great respect, continuously extending my knowledge and gaining experience I am trying to do my best, like several other winemakers with the same way of thinking, to be able to show you at least a little part of the wonder of this unique, noble drink, the wine of Tokaj.

With a deliberate plantation of single vineyards and a strict quantity limits my primary aim is to make wines whose minerality, balance and complexity are worthy of the age-long traditions of the most prominent winemakers of Tokaj in the traditional manner from the traditional grape varieties of Hegyalja in the varied volcanic soil of Mád.

I hope that you will also be touched by the unique atmosphere of Tokaj-Hegyalja while reading my pages and tasting my wines and also by the feeling blazing inside us who are working for and are great fans of Tokaj, "IT IS WORTH LIVING FOR".

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